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Now you as our partner have the opportunity to set your expectations of us. We, in turn, set forth our requirements for our investment in your company. Typically this follows a pattern where Software Genesis, instead of being paid for each hour of work, vests into partial ownership of your company as the work is completed. What portion of the compensation for Software Genesis will be direct payment, as opposed to a share in the business that results from the successful product?

Software Genesis typically develops software at our cost, and therefore does not see profit unless and until the resulting product becomes successful. In view of this, you as our partner must provide proof of funding to cover at least our development costs.

In addition, the creation of a partnership requires the detailing of how the partnership will play out over the long term. We’re not just developing a product and then disappearing; we’re investing in your company. As a result, we must be able to have a voice in that company’s ongoing operation. Frequently this includes naming a Software Genesis employee to the board of your company.



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